Peatlands International 2/2008

Peatlands International 2/2008 was published in February 2009. About 2,000 copies were sent to the IPS members and other persons and institutions interested in peat and peatlands.

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  • Editorial: Peatland Certification - A joint possibility
  • From the President’s Desk: Looking back and forward
  • The possible peatland certification process is started by a global peatland strategy

IPS insights

  • IPS Award of Excellence 2008 to Riitta Korhonen
  • New IPS Honorary Members
  • New IPS Members
  • In memoriam: Jens Dieter Becker-Platen
  • IPS Commission on Tropical Peatlands
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Conferences and symposia

  • Belfast Convention 2009
  • Tullamore 2008 - Looking back at the 13th International Peat Congress
  • The Scope of the Post-Congress Tour: Magnificient Western Peatlands
  • Apply for the 15th International Peat Congress in 2016!
  • Sixth Scientific School for young scientists “Bogs and Biosphere” in Tomsk
  • International Symposium for Horticultural Growing Media, Charlotte, NC, USA
  • Future IPS Meetings and Symposia
  • Events of related organisations 

Research reports

  • More than Energy Peat in Finland
  • Peatlands of the Chinese Altai
  • Tripa, Aceh, Indonesia. Palm-oil plantations threaten Coastal Peat Swamp Forest
  • Mires and Peatlands of Azerbaijan
  • In Brandenburg (Germany) mire conservation and forest administration working hand in hand

News from the industry

  • Welcome to the Premier Tech Campus
  • Unilever buys first batch of certified sustainable palm-oil
  • Klasmann-Deilmann certified to international environmental standard
  • New Study Demonstrates Essential Role of Peat in EU Horticulture
  • Shakespeare in Peat

New publications

  • Finland-Fenland book
  • Regenland book
  • CARBOPEAT project leaflets
  • Telma No. 38