Peatlands International 2/2006

Peatlands International 2/2006 was published in December and sent to all IPS members and stakeholders in peat and peatland issues. 300 copies remain at the IPS Secretariat to be distributed at forthcoming events.

Peatlands International 2/2006 contains, on 60 pages, a review of the status of Finnish mires, a discussion on the role of peatlands in culture and society, reports on the Great Vasyugan Mire in Siberia, lake creation on cutaway peatlands in Ireland and the formation of peat in alder carrs.

Additionally the magazine reports on the recent symposia on "Peat in Horticulture" in Amsterdam, the Greífswald conference on ecological restoration and its post-conference tour on Wise Use and peatland restoration in Poland as well as on the conference on "Physical and chemical properties of organic soils" held in Rajgrod-Biebrza in Poland. 

In the chapter "IPS insights", we review the summer meetings of IPS, IMCG and CC-GAP at Meripuisto in Espoo, Finland, introduce the new online journal Mires and Peat and hear from the decisions of the Executive Board who met in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA in November. Moreover, Jaakko Silpola reports on a visit to the Russian National Committee and Susann Warnecke on the excursion of the Finnish National Committee to Aitoneva, where a new production technique for peat is being tested.

Last, but not least, our readers can learn about the employment effects of energy peat production in the EU and about the departure of Mr. Hermann Wasser from Griendtsveen AG in Germany as well as about four new publications on peat and peatlands.


  • Editorial
  • From the Presidents’s Desk: IMCG Paid a Visit
  • Information for Advertisers

Peat, peatlands and culture

  • Culture and Peatlands – What is the Connection?
  • Peatland Culture Day in Rantsila

IPS insights

  • Wim Tonnis Peat Award 2007
  • IPS and IMCG strengthen cooperation at Meripuisto meetings in Finland - CC-GAP continues work
  • New Scientific Journal on the Internet: Mires and Peat welcomes its Readers
  • Executive Board meets Canadians at the CSPMA Annual Assembly in Florida
  • Russian Peat Industry becomes more important in National Energy Management
  • Join the International Peat Society
  • New IPS Members
  • Peat News in your Inbox?
  • Future IPS Meetings and Symposia
  • Events of related organisations

Conferences and symposia

  • 100 Peat Experts attend Symposium on “Peat in Horticulture” in Amsterdam
  • Greifswald ecological restoration conference highlights global importance of peatlands
  • Post-conference excursion: Wise Use and restoration of peatlands in Poland
  • 13th International Peat Congress: After Wise Use - The Future of Peatlands
  • Conference on “Physical and chemical properties of organic soils” in Rajgród-Biebrza, Poland

Research reports

  • A touch of tropics in temperate mires: Of Alder Carrs and Carbon Cycles
  • The Great Vasyugan Mire: Progress in achieving official protection for the largest wetland in the world
  • Returning to the Wild - Lake Creation on Cutaway Peatlands in Ireland

Book reviews

  • A Fascinating Approach to the Function of Peatland Ecosystems
  • Exploring the world’s largest wetlands
  • Permanent Experiments on Drained Peatlands in Russia
  • A Thorough Introduction to the Finnish Mires in Two Illustrative Volumes 

News from the industry

  • New peat production method and successful rewetting at Aitoneva
  • 180 Years in the Moor – The departure of Hermann Wasser means the end of an era for Griendtsveen AG
  • Fuel Peat Employs up to 16,000 People in the EU