Peatlands International 2/2004


Issue 2/2004 of Peatlands International was sent out on 30 December 2004 by post to all members of the IPS - partly via their National Committees - and a number of other interested parties. The magazine contains an evaluation of the 12th International Peat Congress, a report on the Post-congress tour to Lapland, an introduction of the newly elected Executive Board as well as of the new Scientific Advisory Board.

Furthermore, Peatlands International travels with its readers to the peatlands of Mongolia, visits the Geological Survey of Finland, introduces the Estonian Lahemaa National Park as well as the future nature park Southern Bourtanger Moor in Germany. It also reports on peat-using spas in the Czech Republic, a peatland conference in Monschau, Germany, on the outcome of 15 Bad Neydharting round table talks and much more.


Due to limited space in the magazine, we have decided to publish the full versions of several articles online:

Keynote speeches at the 12th International Peat Congress

Keynote Clayton Rubec (DOC)
Keynote Sundari Ramakrishna (DOC)
Keynote Hans Joosten (DOC)
Keynote Jukka Laine (DOC)

Gerd Lüttig - Reflections on 15 Bad Neydharting Conferences

Lüttig Bad Neydharting Conferences (DOC)