Peatlands International 1/2011

Peatlands International 1/2011 was published in August 2011 and sent to all members of our Society and a number of additional subscribers. 

Members in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and from countries without a National Committee receive their magazine directly from the IPS Secretariat in Finland. 

The National Committees of Canada, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and USA organize the distribution in their own countries.

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IPS Insights

  • Editorial: Greetings from Québec
  • From the President’s Desk: Shaping the Future of the IPS
  • IPS Award of Excellence 2011 to Line Rochefort
  • New IPS Members
  • 1,450 Members for the Wise Use of Peatlands
  • IPS Membership Application Form
  • Subscribe to Peat News
  • Future IPS Meetings and Symposia
  • Events of related organisations


  • Peatlands in Balance: Welcome to the 14th International Peat Congress
  • Merci Québec! Reponsible Peatland Management and Growing Media Production Symposium attracted broad range of participants
  • Towards Improved Responsible Management of Peatlands: Summaryof the Closing Round Table in Québec
  • Nordic cooperation in peatland forestry reactivated
  • German Peat Society reflected on the connections between Mires and Water
  • Regional Training of Trainers Programme for Peatland Assessment and Management and the Celebration of World Wetlands Day 2011at Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Malaysia

Peatland policies

  • Finland: A Proposal for a National Strategy for sustainable and responsible use and protection of mires and peatlands
  • Reducing the Use of Peat in Horticulture in England - An Appraisal of the UK DEFRA Consultation

Research reports

  • LIFE Active Blanket Bog in Wales Project
  • Emsland Moormuseum - from small beginnings to international dimensions
  • CALISTO: Carbon Loss from Histosols - Investigation of carbon loss from organic soils under grassland in Ireland
  • Bog Microlandscapes in Tei?i, Orlava and Gai?i Bogs, Austrumlatvija Lowland, Latvia
  • Dependence of Estonian Peat Deposit Properties on Landscape Types and Feeding Conditions

News from the industry

  • Peat processing at Kekkilä resumes quickly, with Premier Tech’s help


  • Ecology and hydrology of peatland/upland watershed
  • New book on peatland afforestation practices
  • Order your Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management
  • New guide for planting trees on cutover peatlands
  • Mires and Peat publishes Manuscript 100
  • Yorkshire’s Forgotten Fenlands
  • Mires and Peat - A Monograph by Maris Klavinš

In memoriam

  • Anton Scholz
  • Ted Tibbetts

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