Peatlands International 1/2010

Peatlands International 1/2010 was published and sent to all members of our Society and
a number of additional subscribers in June 2010.

Members in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and from countries without a National Committee receive their magazine directly from the IPS Secretariat in Finland.

The National Committees of Canada, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and USA organize the distribution in their own countries.
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PI 1.2010 final.pdf (PDF)


IPS Insights

  • Editorial: IPS Convention – A highlight of the year!
  • International Peat Congress 2012: Peatlands in Balance
  • From the President’s Desk: New tasks for the IPS
  • Enjoy your stay in Jyväskylä
  • Order IPS Publications
  • IPS Member Application Form
  • Future IPS Meetings and Symposia
  • Events of related organisations

IPS Convention 2010 in Jyväskylä

Seminar on After-Use of Cut-over Peatlands

  • Presentation Programme
  • After-Use Excursion
  • Practical Guide to After-Use of Cut-Over Peatlands in Finland
  • Bord Na Móna Biodiversity Action Plan: Planning The Future Of The Cutaway Bogs
  • After-use of cutaway peatlands – can favouring spontaneous re-vegetation be an alternative?
  • Sphagnum Farming: A Quick Restoration for Cut-Away Peatlands
  • Studies on Growing Crops on Harvested Peatlands in New Brunswick, Canada
  • Hydrological restoration of Indonesian peatlands to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions

Seminar on Peat Technology

  • Presentation Programme
  • Technology Excursion
  • Born in the Forest and Peatlands - Valtra is the most popular tractor for peatlands
  • Practical Guide to Water Treatment Methods in Peat Harvesting
  • Preventing Peat Production Site Fires: Educational Material
  • Split root fertigation is a promising method to enhance cucumber yield in greenhouse production
  • Laboratory methods for identification of self-heated peat - suitability of different parameters and related identification risks
  • Peat as Bedding Material for Domestic Animals in Finland

Other topics

  • Book review: Peat and the Finnish Energy Policy
  • Sculpture in the Parklands
  • Paludiculture is paludifuture: Climate, biodiversity and economic benefits from agriculture and forestry on rewetted peatland
  • Physiological impact of biologically active substances in cranberries on human health

Peatlands International 1/2010 also contains the Annual Report 2009 of the IPS.