Peatlands International 1/2009

Peatlands International 1/2009 in your Mailbox

Peatlands International, the global magazine of IPS,
was sent out to all members of our Society and a number of additional subscribers in early August.

Members in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ukraine and from countries without a National Committee receive their magazine directly from the IPS Secretariat in Finland. The National Committees of Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and USA organize the distribution in their own countries.

Peatlands International 1/2009 deals almost exclusively with peatland restoration. 


  • Editorial: Responsible Peatland Management Strategy ready
  • From the President’s Desk: Reflections from Tullamore

Peatland restoration and rehabilitation

  • Review of peatland restoration in Ireland
  • Diverse after-use of cutaway peatlands in Finland
  • Research and monitoring support peatland restoration in Finland
  • Belarus boosts peatland restoration in Central Europe
  • Renaturalisation of Obolskoye Mire, Belarus
  • Restoration of a minerotrophic peatland in Canada
  • Restoration of shrubby-forested peatland margins
  • Peatland restoration in Sweden
  • Wetland restoration - a term, which needs discussion - SWS meeting in Erkner, Germany
  • DSS-WAMOS - web-based planning for fen restoration

IPS insights

  • Award of Excellence 2009 to Timo Nyrönen
  • New IPS Honorary Member: Tom Malterer
  • In memoriam: Tomasz Brandyk
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Conferences and symposia

  • IPS Annual Convention 2009 in Belfast
  • Preview: International Peat Congress in Stockholm 2012
  • Future IPS Meetings and Symposia
  • Events of related organisations


  • Finland-Fenland book
  • Mires and Peat
  • Regenland book
  • Empty book shelves? Order IPS Publications online!
  • New brochure in German: peatlands and climate

Peatlands International 1/2009 includes the Annual Report 2008 of the International Peat Society.