Peatlands International 2/2012

Peatlands International 2/2012 was sent out in early February to all IPS members. To order the magazine, become an IPS member or visit


IPS Insights


  • Editorial: The International Peat Congress in Stockholm was a success!
  • From the President’s Desk: A new term – options and priorities
  • IPS Award of Excellence 2012 to Professor Piotr Ilnicki
  • About the Award of Excellence
  • The IPS becoming active in China
  • IPS Membership Application Form
  • New IPS members
  • In memoriam: Leo Schipper (1949-2012)
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Congress, symposia and other events

  • This was the International Peat Congress 2012!
  • IPC 2012 - Themes and sessions - what was discussed and what have we learnt from each other?
  • Feedback from the Congress - did you like it, too?
  • Notes from a German peatland symposium - GEOHannover
  • Report on the German seminar “Rewetting of raised bogs - a model of success?”
  • Managing the Western Peatlands - Irish Peat Society Annual Meeting, Study Tour and Seminar 
  • IPS Annual Assembly 2013 at ISHS-IPS GroSci in Leiden 
  • Technical Meeting on an Integrated Management Plan for Peatland Management in Southeast Asia 
  • International Symposium on Wild Fire and Carbon Management in Peat-Forest in Indonesia
  • Peat and peatland events

From and for the industry

  • English Growing Media Task Force issues its final report
  • Inefficiency banished, peat plant increases capacity - Peltracom case history
  • Status of Peatlands and Peat in Finland today - 70 Years of Peatland Research at the Geological Survey of Finland

Research reports

  • Humic lakes of Wigry National Park (NE Poland) – development and expectations for the future 
  • Carbon Accumulation Shows the Interplay between the Natural Succession of Mires and Climate Change
  • Steep Increase in Oil Palm Plantations on Peat in Southeast Asia

Book reviews


  • Soundly about peatland forestry, Peatland Ecology and Forestry – a Sound Approach
  • The Encyclopedia of Agrophysics - some aspects of peat and peatlands
  • A quick scan of peatlands in Central and Eastern Europe