Commissions, Expert Groups and Scientific Advisory Board

The main activities of the International Peatland Society are conducted through its Commissions that act as subject groups within specific fields. 

Since April 2016, the IPS has three Commissions, on environmental, economical and social aspects of peatlands. They are supported by expert and project groups.

IPS Commission Chairs with the Executive Board in Lund, Sweden, 2017. Photo: Ingrid Kyllerstedt

Membership in IPS Commissions is open to all those who are interested in the subject. Please contact the Commission chairpersons or the IPS Secretariat in case you are interested to join. 

Group email: experts (at)

Peatlands and Economy

Chair: Ingrida Krigere
Latvian Peat Association
Ernestines Str 24
LV-1046 Riga
phone: + 371 29106008

1st vice-chair: Maurice Doyon, maurice.doyon (at)
2nd vice-chair: Meng Xianmin, mengxm3711 (at)

Expert Groups

Peatlands for agriculture: Dace Silina, dace.silina (at)
Peatlands for forestry: Sakari Sarkkola, sakari.sarkkola (at)
Peat for growing media and energy: Hannu Salo, hannu.salo (at)

Annual Report 2018 (Forestry only)


Peatlands and Environment

Chair: Mr Bernd Hofer
Hofer & Pautz GbR
Buchenallee 18
D-48341 Altenberge
phone: +49 2505 937784 11
e-mail: hofer (at)

1st vice-chair: Maria Strack, mstrack (at), mstrack (at)
2nd vice-chair: Budi Indra Setiawan, budindra (at)

Expert Groups:

Peatlands and Climate Change: Gerald Jurasinski, gerald.jurasinski (at)
Peatlands and Biodiversity, (Ecology, Hydrology and Geology): Lydia Cole, lydcole (at)
Peatland Restoration: Pete Whittington, whittingtonp (at) 

Tropical Peatland Round Table: Jack Rieley, jack.rieley (at)

Outreach: Lahiru Wijedasa, lahirux (at)

Annual Report 2018


Peatlands and Society

Chair: Mrs Marie Kofod-Hansen
Sättrabyvägen 4
S-762 97 Edsbro
phone: + 46 708 931 861
e-mail: marie.kofodhansen (at)

1st vice-chair: Kirsin Laurén, kirsi.lauren (at)
2nd vice-chair: Rachel Carmenta, rachelcarmenta (at)

Peatlands Education, Communication and Publicity: Catherine O'Connell, bogs (at)
Peatland Conventions and International Affairs: Jack Rieley, jack.rieley (at)
Peatlands and Culture: Anne-Jelle Schlistra, a.j.schilstra (at) new!
Peatlands and people, health and local livelihoods: Dian Novarina, dian_novarina (at)

Annual Report 2018

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of the IPS Commission Chairs, and the 2nd Vice President of IPS. It provides the Society with advice and information on matters of scientific, technical, social and cultural importance, drawing upon the pool of knowledge available in the Commissions and elsewhere and promoting and disseminating research results.

The SAB operates between Congresses but elects its Chair and Secretary each year by secret ballot; it meets normally twice a year in association with other IPS meetings, or electronically.

Email: sab (at)

Dr Samu Valpola, Finland, 2nd Vice President
Geological Survey of Finland
Kokkola, Finland
phone: +358 20 550 5245
mobile: +358 50 348 6023
e-mail: samu.valpola (at)

Ms Susann Warnecke, IPS Communications Manager
e-mail: susann.warnecke (at)

The activities of the some of the old ten Commissions as well as their Annual Reports can be found on their subpages on the left.