Allan Robertson Grants for Research Students and Young Professionals

The International Peatland Society launched the Grants for Research Students and Young Professionals in Peatland Management in memory of Allan Robertson, First Honorary President of the IPS, in 2015.

The Grants are awarded to young peatland and peat researchers carrying out research or practical work or young professionals in early stages of their career in managing peatlands or peat industry.

Grant recipients are normally be under the age of 30. Undergraduates are ineligible.

Payment will be made by bank transfer AFTER travelling/registration according to receipts/invoices.

Successful applicants must agree to provide a report on their project or work that will be published in the IPS magazine Peatlands International and/or give a presentation of it at an international IPS event at the latest 12 months after the grant funding has been paid to them.

Apply here:

Deadline 31 January. We will inform the winners at the end of March, publication at the Annual Assembly in Bremen 14 - 17 May 2019.


Grand recipients 2018 (EUR 500)

  •  Danielle Rupp, Michigan Technological University, USDA (Forest Service) Northern Research Station: Elucidating carbon cycle pathways in a boreal rich fen using a pulse-chase experiment
  • Elisa Männistö, University of Eastern Finland: Travel and participation fee for EGU General Assembly 2018
  • Henk Pieter Sterk, Environmental Research Institute, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK: PAR sensors funding for upscaling peatland condition research in Scotland
  • Hui Zhang, University of Helsinki: To attend 5th European Conference on Permafrost
  • Jasmijn E. Sybenga, University of the Highlands and Islands: Seeing the Wood for the Trees: a palaeoecological approach into the research of past natural woodland in the Scottish Highlands
  • Jerome Blewett, University of Bristol: Biomarkers and genomics to constrain biogeochemistry in modern/ancient peatlands
  • Kirsten Lees, University of Reading: Measuring carbon sequestration in peatlands using remote sensing
  • Martha Ledger, University of Nottingham: Determining regional-scale carbon losses from tropical peatlands using InSAR

Grand recipients 2017 (EUR 500)

  • Research information dissemination and review of Lesotho wetlands(peatlands) monitoring protocols, Motseko Mots'ets'e, National University of Lesotho
  • Interactions between microtopography, habitat heterogeneity and plant nutrition on peatlands, Chris Hatcher, Loughborough University, UK
  • Measuring restoration progress using water chemistry in formerly afforested bogs, Paul Gaffney, Environmental Research Institute, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
  • Greenhouse gas emissions after Sphagnum harvesting: finding the study sites, Aino Korrensalo, University of Eastern Finland
  • Carbon emissions from a thawing permafrost peatland, Liam Heffernan, University of Alberta
  • Soil organic carbon in Icelandic peatlands: formation, stability and decomposition, Susanne Claudia Möckel, University of Iceland, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Late Glacial and Holocene environmental changes in Western Polesie (Eastern Poland) recorded in the sediments of alkaline fens, Jarosław Pietruczuk, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland
  • Travel and registration fee for IPS 2017 (Visa application did not succeed), Hongxing He, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden - retained

Grant recipients 2016

The Allan Robertson Grants 2016 were awarded for travel and registration fee support for research students and young professionals to attend the 15th International Peat Congress in Kuching, Malaysia in August 2016.

€ 500

  • André Vicente Liz, Universidade Santiago de Compostela
  • Dhandapani Selvakumar, University of Nottingham
  • Mizuki Morishita, Department of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • Ariane Blier-Langdeau, PERG/Université Laval/CEN
  • Alison Hoyt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

€ 250

  • Chloe Brown, University of Nottingham
  • Nicholas Girkin, University of Nottingham
  • Emma Brown, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK
  • Kartika Hapsari, University of Goettingen
  • Mari Parkkari, Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Hanifah Nurul Atilia Shafienaz, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute
  • Herman Maraden, APRIL Asia
  • Norliyana Zin Zawawi, University of Aberdeen
  • Meli Fitriani Saragi, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), CIFOR
  • Nisa Novita, Oregon State University
  • Sara Thornton, University of Leicester
  • Randi Ade Candra, Universitas Tanjungpura, Indonesia

Allan Robertson Grants 2015

  • Joss Ratcliffe (Scotland): Age 25; Ph.D. Student at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Thurso who is studying ecosystem functioning in two bogs in New Zealand; his grant will go towards the cost of specialised scanning equipment.
  • Anne-Helena Purre (Estonia): Age 26; Ph.D. student at the University of Tallinn who is studying carbon dioxide flux in forestry drained and restored peatlands; her grant will be used to assist with travel costs for field work.
  • Nisa Novita (Indonesia): Age 28; Ph.D. student at Oregon State University in the USA who is studying greenhouse gas fluxes associated with land use changes in Indonesia; her grant will go towards the purchase of a replacement probe for a field meter and also conference travel.
  • Sara Anne Thornton (England); Age 23; Ph.D. student at the University of Leicester who is studying the benefits and values provided by tropical peat swamp forests in Borneo; her grant will help continue and complete field work.
  • Tadgh Ó Corcora (Ireland); Age 30; Conservation Officer with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council; his grant will go towards the cost of equipment to undertake Sphagnum moss transfer for bog restoration and to train 10 volunteers.